Cash4jewelrynow and the Origin of Pawnshops

This article will discuss the known origin of pawnshops. In the article, mention of the Christian book called the Holy Bible and some of its contents are only for information and not intended to discriminate other Religions. Moreover, cash4jewelrynow or better known as the Metropolitan Pawnbrokers will be taken up in this article to enlighten the readers of what it has to offer.

The act of delivering or pledging articles to secure a loan started in Ancient China some 30 centuries ago. The act was simply called pawning. Likewise, it was written that pawning already existed during the early times of the Romans and Greeks. It was also mentioned that in Spain, Queen Isabella also pledged her valuable jewelries and crowns to support the expeditions of explorer Christopher Columbus.

In the Holy Bible:

Cash4jewelrynowIt was mentioned in one of its “books” that it is not righteous to take a person’s possession if that possession is his tool to earn money or goods to live. Bible readers may remember that at one time, Jesus got mad in the temple and kicked and turned over the tables used by merchants and money-changers. Critics said that Jesus committed a mistake in that act because those people were only changing the coins and selling their wares for silver that they were to use in payment of their taxes.

In 280 A.D in Turkey:

A man named Nicholas was born. Coming from a rich family, he studied priesthood and was ordained at the young age of nineteen. Being kind and generous made Nicholas famous. In Jerusalem, his uncle, who was a bishop, designated him as deputy in charge of taking care of the monastery. The people praised him for his good deeds and because of that, he was later considered a saint. It was also written that he became the patron saint of finance people like bankers and brokers.

In European history:

During the Middle Ages, i.e. between the 5th and the 15th centuries, pawn brokerage was already practiced. Money was lent to borrowers upon leaving with the lender anything of value as collateral.

In Ireland and the British Isles:

There were thousands of operating pawnshops similar to cash4jewelrynow at the end of the Second World War. A pawnshop during that time catered up to more than a thousand clients at the end of a week, but eventually reduced in number because of economic growth. From the thousands of pawnshops at the end of the war, the number declined to a little less than 50 in the 1970’s. This was due to bank interest rates that soared and left the pawnbrokers with no choice but to cease providing their services instead of incurring losses. However, the pawnshops were back in business after several years and until today are serving their purpose.

Cash 4 jewelry nowMost people are not spared from experiencing financial difficulties. The high costs of daily necessities such as food and household expenses like electric and water bills are a few reasons for people to be in such financial difficulties. Usual remedies for this are loans from banks and other financial institutions, selling of properties, or personal loans from friends and relatives. However loans from banks and financial institutions may take a lot of time because of the long process of credit investigation and legal documentation. Prospective buyers of properties are also very difficult to find. Selling properties like real estate are not similar to selling hotcakes. Friends and relatives may also have their own financial difficulties and may not be of help. Therefore, securing immediate cash requirements for these uncontrollable situations are not icing on the cake.

However, another remedy is available, and that is going to a pawnshop. Pawning items in a pawnshop in securing that much needed cash is not that difficult. At cash4jewelrynow, we assure you of immediate cash after appraisal of the articles you want to offer.

Cash4jewelrynow or also known as the Metropolitan Pawnbroker, has been in the pawnshop business for more than two decades, and is always ready to provide your immediate cash requirement. With our high appraisal values of your items for pawning, our low interest rate of three percent, and a redemption period of up to four months, we are certain that you will be out of your present tight financial condition. Likewise, we guarantee a harmonious relationship with our clients.

Please remember that we are concerned not only to help you out of your financial difficulties in the best possible way we can, but also to help you regain your confidence and momentum. We do all of these because at cash4jewelrynow, we serve only the best.

The Clear Benefits of Professional Web Design Trump DIY

When it comes to working with technology, you are going to run into a lot of things that you can do yourself. One of the many options that you are going to find is that of web design. Now, there’s nothing wrong with working within the parameters of design, especially when you can do it with relative ease, but you’ll find that you need a bit of help to overcome the issues that many face when doing it DIY. In fact, there’s a lot of issues that come through if you only rely on editors and templates that are not of a custom nature. Custom design elements are going to trump all issues that you will have when you do it solo, and you may find that benefits will come through as well. Dealing with a variety of benefits overall is a good thing, and it will showcase simple solutions if you look at things closely.

The following are just some of the benefits that will manifest as a result of hiring a good professional web designer today.

Customizable Solutions Abound

First and foremost, when you go with a template, you are limited to the customizations that you can create. This will be evident through a number of different components overall. Whether you have a blog set up or you have something a bit more fluid, you will find that templates aren’t made for making too many changes. Yes, you could probably arrange a few items, add text, and images, but you will not have the freedom to make core, fundamental layout changes and in some cases you will only be allowed to work with a few colors and images overall. Customizable solutions will always trump this sort of limited and stifling design implementation. It’s painfully obvious that you will not be able to use some of your creativity when you are dealing with this, and therefore you shouldn’t go this route.

Updating Pages

web designWhen you hire a good designer, they are not going to just slap together a site for you, they are going to work with a good back end solution to allow you to update pages. Updating pages is crucial to your overall site, because if you leave your page without updating at all, it will get deemed dormant. Dormant pages are rampant online and they are not usually indexed or even found through natural means. There are some people that still find these for page rank and commenting, but overall, they are not good at all. Dormant pages are like dead sites and are not visible to the general public unless they know the URL and go to them directly through implementing that. They rarely rank in the search engines and are usually not at the top of any major niche. Updating pages will become easier when you go with a professional solution rather than working with it on your own.

Establishing Professional Branding

Aside from graphic design elements, you will find that your website will establish your business and brand as a professional. Most people don’t realize that this is in fact a true element of design. Professional branding through web design and core concepts that allow you to look like you’re a leader in your field is a good thing. Most people don’t realize how terrible it may look to give someone a URL that is only a social media profile. Your social media life and business life shouldn’t be on the same URL and that’s something that could stifle creativity and more. Establishing a professional brand is going to be easier when you have a full scale design in place and you’re not limited to the scope of updating or the style in which you have chosen to present yourself within.

Sustaining Evolution

web designsWhen it comes to web design, you’ll find that things change fast, and evolution sets in. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage if you end up focusing on the pieces that aren’t going to fit here. You’ll have to establish a good design that will help you get through a few years of use. Sites that aren’t going to get any sort of web design update in years, usually hire designers that are forward thinking and can install updates that are going to allow for growth, even while the evolutionary marketing changes come through. Without forward progress and thinking about the future, your design may look stale after a few months, and that’s detrimental to the establishment that you’re trying to create.

At the end of the day, the above are just some of the benefits that you are going to find comes through when you hire a good designer. Don’t assume that you can get away with a professional edge online and not have a design protocol in place. Too often, people assume that they are going to gain market share through social media and not having a website, and that’s not true. If you’re going to make things move forward with ease, you are going to want to hire someone that knows how to build the right marketing elements for you, and that is all within the design world.

How to Deliver Speeches Just Like the Great Keynote Speakers

More and more keynote speakers are beginning to rely on word of mouth marketing. Why? It gives guaranteed potential referrals and it is free. There are times that you are tasked to present your company or ideas to a group of people. It can be very challenging to put your ideas and thoughts into words that your audience will appreciate and relate to.

Below is a checklist on how you can deliver speeches just like the great keynote speakers.

1) Learn to relate with your audience. Most of the time, you are going to stand in front of people coming from different backgrounds. Look for a common ground or find a common challenge in life that they’ll have to face in the future. Use that as the starting ground of your speech. Refer to that point from time to time.

2) Always review your points. When you are giving a speech or presentation, showing pictures to your participants is perfect, but what if you do not have the resources to do that? There are no visual boards that you can refer to. It helps to always review your audience on what you are talking about during your speech or presentation.

keynote-speaker3) Learn from your boring presentations. It is normal to have boring presentations during your first few sessions. What is important is you learn from these. Take note of what makes those sessions boring. Are you committing the same mistakes over and over? If yes, you need to spend time to examine your speech and put yourself on the shoes of your audience. Ask yourself, “What would I appreciate hearing from the best keynote speakers to make things more interactive and lively?”

4) Always look professional. In giving a speech or presentation, dressing up is important because it shows that you care about your reputation and appearance. Plus, it shows your confidence and enthusiasm to present your expertise to a group of people.

5) Be confident. Many keynote speakers will tell you they have become accustomed to what they do, and that is why they are confident. Some tell themselves that they are the best in the field. Some say that they study their materials thoroughly before coming up to the stage. If you fumble every time you give a speech, here are some tips on how to avoid it:

a. Determine the reasons for fumbling. Usually, it is because of fear. However, you need to spot the real cause of your fear. For instance, it could be a fear that you are not good enough, a fear of getting negative feedback from your audience, or a fear that you are going to make mistakes.

b. Replace your fears with their polar opposites. If you are afraid of the negative feedback of the people around you, tell yourself that whatever their negative comments are, it is their right to say such things and it is none of your business. If you think that you are not good enough, remind yourself that you are blessed with different talents and skills in other aspects. If you are afraid that you might say something wrong, practice your speech and focus on what you are going to say.

c. Always think positively. Believe in yourself. Visualize yourself being a successful keynote speaker.

6) Build your momentum through being enthusiastic. Engage your audience during your speech or presentation. Ask them questions before you open your topic or crack a joke to break the ice. Creating momentum will give you a feeling of excitement and joy. Your audience will not notice annoying details during your speech if you give them a great experience to remember.

Doing all those things won’t be easy. Still, it’s the only way to be on par with the greatest speakers in history.

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The right keynote speaker realizes that although his skills and knowledge were sought after,every member of the audience is the most important person in the event.To know more about keynote speakers visit promotional video 8 min – youtube.

The Popularity of Logo Lanyards

Logo lanyards have taken the world by storm. Everyone knows what a lanyard looks like though some of them don’t know what it is called. From holding small military weapons and items in the early centuries, lanyards are now popularly used by school children and various businesses and establishments as identification holders. They have endless uses and are very helpful tools.

Lanyards have different components, too. It has the cord, the clip and the swivel. The cord is the one that creates the loop so it can be hang around the neck while the clip part holds the items. Meanwhile the swivel is the metal between the clip and the cord that keeps the loop of the cord in place. The lanyard sometimes has a narrow cord lace and sometimes it has a wide strap lace.

Logo LanyardWide strap lace lanyards are more popular than its counterpart because the narrow cord lace can’t be printed on with designs unlike the wide strap lace. Due to this fact, wide strap lace lanyards also become promotional items and a form of self expression of the owner. Various designs can be printed on the wide strap lace therefore organizations use it to show the social issues they care about making it an important item to distribute awareness.

Companies and other businesses continue to purchase logo lanyards to be given to employees or applicants as freebies. It is a good way to advertise the company.

Lanyards are also popular for their ability to keep personal and important items close at hand.

They are utilized in almost everywhere like churches, hospitals and universities. Most of the lanyards are made of cloths and sometimes they are made of beads and other items that will make them look more feminine so they will be noticed more by the female consumers. The cloth can be a variation of nylon, cotton, or polyester. Some more modern type of lanyards has a retractable spool from the dangling part of the strap.

Logo LanyardsThey look differently from each other because of the design and the way they are made. Aside for the neck, there are lanyards that are made to be worn around the wrists and some lanyards made to be attached on belts. Lanyards have become an important tool for mountaineers, too. Because mountain climbing is dangerous, they use a type of lanyard made of very strong materials that can help them in climbing. People can learn how to make lanyards while some just order from stores. Kids are taught how to make simple yet colorful lanyards made of different cords in summer camps.

Logo lanyards are the most favored because of its designs. Children love the bright colors and the characters printed on these lanyards. A lot of elementary and high school kids wear a lanyard full of character designs around their neck. They are also fast in attracting people’s attention, especially when they like the design printed on the lanyard or the design relates to them. Because of the attraction it gets, lanyard companies started having custom made lanyards for customers who want their own design to be put on the lanyards.

It’s not that hard to find companies that provide custom made logo lanyards services for their customers. Such firms have various types, styles, and hardware used in creating the perfect lanyard that the customer will love. The customers can order in bulk that are perfect for companies and organizations that want to distribute and advertise their names to other people; it’s also an option for buyers to order logo lanyards to give as a gift to a friend or a loved one, with a design that shows their love for each other or the meaning of their friendship.

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lanyards We can craft a design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution. logo lanyards  are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers while keeping your staff secure at the same time.

Picking the Right Golf Clubs: Materials and Features to Consider

In order to successfully play games and challenges, it is important to choose the right golf equipment (such as those from Callaway Golf). However, many golfers decide to pick new golf clubs without considering some important aspects that could either improve or worsen their performance. This happens often, especially among those who are just starting in their journey towards becoming better players.

There are countless golfers who settle for the clubs that fascinate them. Costly, renowned brands and equipment that can impress other players may seem preferable but the fact is, these are not significant in becoming a better golfer. Before you check out an online seller, pro shop, or any sporting goods store, you must educate yourself well first. You can take advantage of many ways that can enable you to pick the right clubs, which are actually able to improve your game and deepen your love for the sport.

First, you have to choose between steel and graphite shafts.

Though they are more expensive, golf clubs with graphite shafts are relatively lighter. This will enable you to make swings with higher speeds, which will greatly improve the distance you can reach – especially if you are a beginner or you have a hard time reaching the average swing speed. If your swing speed is faster than which you can totally control, shafts made of steel would be preferable for you. They can help you become more accurate. Many professional players pick steel shafts over those that are made of graphite because they get a better “feel” from the former. You have to be familiar with your swings for you to decide which ones will help you improve.

Second, you have to pick among the five different shaft flexes.

This is regardless of what material they are made of. You need to be aware of this because the shafts of Callaway Golf clubs can have a great difference in their flex range, and this has a significant effect on your game. Randomly picking clubs without knowing the flex of their shafts will dramatically reduce your control and accuracy, as well as the distance that you can reach. The clubs that bend the most are the ladies’ clubs. There are also clubs with shafts so stiff that they do not seem to bend.

Callaway golf

Given that it affects the direction and distance of the shot, the flex is among the most important things to think about. Players do not have the same ideal flex. One should have the guidance of a professional golf fitter in order to determine the correct flex that suits you most. The swing speed of the golfer is the primary basis for selecting the right shaft flex. The flex can be seen on how much the shaft bends during the swing, and this is actually the sole factor that determines it. You may base your choice on the distance that the ball reaches when you make a shot as well.

The “A” Flex or Senior Flex is ideal for those whose swing speed ranges from 70 to 90 miles per hour. Those who have swing speeds of 80 to 90 miles per hour could also use the Regular Flex. Golf clubs with Stiff Flex are preferable for those with swing speeds ranging from 90 to 100 miles per hour. If your swing speed is more than a hundred miles per hour, then you could use the X-Stiff Flex.

The next thing you need to do is choose between titanium and steel club heads. You can also go for a combination of the two. Steel and titanium club heads are both strong. The only difference between them is the price. Club heads made of titanium are more costly than steel because they are lighter. This kind of club head, especially for the drivers, are usually larger. This is meant to make it easier for the users to hit the ball, considering that they are relatively lighter than golf clubs with other types of club heads.

If you are looking for the combination which is preferable for most beginners, then you have to consider using golf clubs with titanium heads and graphite shafts. This combination will make it easier for you to improve your hits.

If you are planning to build a set of golf equipment that would fit you best, it is imperative that you go for hybrid golf clubs (the ones made by Callaway Golf or any other reputable golfing equipment firm). These golf clubs are made by combining different parts with different materials to form a more customized and fitted equipment. You can easily find some parts of different materials if you look on the internet.

These are just some of the important things to consider in picking which clubs to purchase – whether from Callaway Golf or from any other company. With the help of these useful tips, you can easily improve your performance regardless of your skill level. Try to follow these tips the next time you purchase golf equipment. You will then be able to experience a better game, especially if you’re going to face your biggest challenge yet in the sport.

What Is The Importance of Using A Military Coin

The military have different traditions – from different festivals to different awarding, from giving away different medals to different ribbons. They also have one of the most anticipated and most special traditions which boost the harmony and the self-esteem of all their members: Giving away different custom challenge coins. Giving away custom challenge coins differs from one branch of service to another. It not only adds confidence to their members, these coins also help identify the unit where the soldier comes from.

Custom challenge coins are known for having different names. They are also called as unit coins, military coins, and commander’s coins. coins can be made of the cheapest materials but they can also be made of the most expensive and the best materials.

Nowadays, collection of coins are made by members of the military but they are also being collected by people outside the military as well. There are a lot of school clubs, business organizations, and different departments using such coins to signify their group. Although the designs are different, the concept of having these coins is the same with the military. They are still to recognize, to boost the confidence and morale, as well as to show gratitude to all the receivers of the coins.Challengecoins4less is your one stop online solution that offer easy online choosing and designing of Military coins,must visit this site.

If you are to compare these custom challenge coins to ordinary coins, you will find out that they can be either smaller or larger. Challenge coins’ sizes can be as small as 1 inch in size but can also be as big as 3 inches in size. They are also thicker than ordinary coins; these coins are normally ½ to 1 inch in thickness.

Military CoinsChallenge coins have different design variations, depending on the user’s preferences. They are not round in shape all the time. They can be in shapes of rectangle, square, oblong, heart or star.

There are also different kinds of materials which are usually used in order to make these coins. Different metals such as nickel, brass, silver, copper or gold are used to create these coins. These metals give a different finishing for the coins. If a coin is made of gold, they are considered as limited edition ones and they are often given to people who have the highest recognition.

These challenge coins can also be carved or engraved with different designs. Some coins have their military logo or unit name imprinted on the coin while there are also some coins which have a picture of a very important military figure imprinted on the coin. The design can be imprinted on either side of the coin. Some coins also have designs on both sides. Different colors can also be used in order to add more designs or to enhance the appearance of the coins.

Special Use of These Challenge Coins

The custom challenge coins have different uses; and one of the most popular uses of these coins is the Military Coin Challenge. Military Coin Challenge started way back in World War I. There were some American soldiers who used to play the “pfennig check-up” challenge. This challenge is played using a pfennig, Germany’s coin which has the smallest monetary value during the World War I. Once the challenge has been called out by a challenger, all soldiers within the vicinity must hand out a pfennig. If a soldier failed to show a pfennig during the challenge, he must purchase drinks for all the soldiers who successfully hand out a pfennig during the check-up.

This old military tradition was handed from generation to generation. However, from using a pfennig, they changed it to military coins. This tradition is practiced all over the military. This symbolic tradition is being practiced to ensure that all the members of the military are carrying their challenge coins at all times.

The versatility of lanyards and its various uses today

Lanyards are cords or straps that can be worn around the neck, wrist or shoulder. Compared to the old school badges that poke through the skin, they have become the preferred means for carrying a variety of items like keys, mobile phones and IDs.

When did people start using these accessories?

Back in the 15th century, they were first used by the French military to connect pistols, swords and whistles to their uniforms semi-permanently. These helped them keep their weapons secure, preventing accidental loss. Pistol lanyards can easily be removed by the user, but will still remain connected to the pistol whether or not they’re drawn.

In the military, they have various colors and braid patterns that are worn on the shoulders to signify one’s current status in the army. They are also used to connect whistles in horse regiments, which enable the riders to maintain communication with their troop. Among members of the British Royal Artillery, they were used to hold keys.

What are some of their common uses today?

They are commonly used for identification purposes in companies and organizations, as these help the customers recognize the identity of a person they are speaking to. For publicity purposes, they also help promote and represent a company’s identity through its color, text, logo, and overall design. This is why for most companies, such cords have become a standard part of the uniform. On the other hand, in more casual workplaces, they are usually used as the uniform itself.

lanyardsMany managers and business owners find that providing their employees with these can be cost efficient, because it is less likely their IDs would get lost. In the event that their IDs get lost or misplaced, it would cost the company both time and resources.

In conferences and other big events that involve many people, they are also used to sort out the guests, staff and volunteers. This allows the event managers to delegate tasks more efficiently and identify the respective roles of their staff and volunteers. For guests, the lanyards help them secure their event IDs or tickets while walking around. They also get to meet and interact with other guests, thanks to the visibility of the IDs and tickets. At the end of an event, most people would keep them as commemorative items.

Many industries use lanyards as promotional items, such as the Fortune 1000 companies, tradeshows, medical companies, and colleges. Whenever there is a need to make an ID or badge visible, these industries would find them very useful. They can also be used to show the credentials and track the time and attendance of every employee. If a company has Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) installed into their badges, employees would also find it more convenient to access different areas of the building.

lanyardIn colleges, students enjoy them because they are usually imprinted with the colors and designs that represent their university. It also serves as a good school-spirit booster and a convenient way to secure their student IDs.

You may think that the ones mentioned so far are very common uses, but today they have also been used for various purposes such as sports, outdoor activities, fashion, straps for glasses, leashes for small dogs, and a form of self-expression about social issues.

They are very versatile such that you can use them in other creative ways, depending on your preference. Who knows, you may even start a small business after finding a handy and creative way of using these cords. Well, no matter what the future holds, one thing’s certain –the lanyard’s uses will only continue to increase in the coming years.

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Punctuation Rules a Content Writer Should Follow When Writing for the Web

The usage of punctuation marks in content speaks more about the content writer’s skills than you think. Keep in mind that writing content for the web isn’t the same as writing for print. When writing for print, you could get away with sounding extremely pretentions in your writing. Why? It is because you’re backed by the reputation of the print publication that you’re writing for. Sadly, a freelance content writer doesn’t have that luxury.

Producing error-free content is something that you should master if you want to be a very successful web writer. Good copy makes people who are after content for their website trust you more. To know more about different rules that content writer must have to follow , must  go through site  99centarticles.After all, anybody in their right might would surely hesitate in giving their credit card to someone who can’t tell the difference between They’re,There, and their or puts apostrophes in places where they are not needed.

With that in mind, here are some rules in using punctuations in web content:

Exclamation marks

Content WriterDo not use exclamation marks as much as possible. The only thing that exclamation marks do is make the content writer sound extremely cheesy. If ever the need for its usage cannot be avoided, make sure to never put two of them within the same paragraph. In addition, limit the number of its usage to a maximum of two for each page.


Some veteran writers still make the rookie mistake of putting punctuations inside the parenthesis. Keep in mind that if you’re writing a paragraph, sentence or phrase and you want to place them inside a parenthesis (similar to what I am doing right now), the punctuation mark should always be placed outside. If you noticed, I placed the comma in my last sentence outside of the parenthesis. In addition, always remember to keep their usage in your content to a minimum.


In hyphenation’s case, always remember that Google is your friend if you don’t know whether to hyphenate a word or not. To set the record straight, words such as e-book and e-mail always have a hyphen.


This is another common mistake made by novice web writers. Keep in mind that the word Internet is similar to the America, in that it is constantly capitalized. It is a proper noun in all respects and therefore should be written as such. On the other hand, the word “web” should not be capitalized at all. The only time that it should be capitalized is when it is the first word in a sentence.


This is another thing where most web writers get confused. Remember that when writing numbers, numbers one through nine should always be written in word form. However, numbers 10 and above should always be written in number form.


An effective web writer should know that this punctuation have no place on the web whatsoever. They should be regarded as transvestite hermaphrodites that represent nothing. All they seem to do is make you seem like the college prick. Do not use semicolons in any of the content that you write—they just antagonize the reader and at the same time make you look extremely pretentious.

Quotation Marks

Here’s another common content writer mistake. Make sure to always put your punctuations inside quotation marks every time you make use of them. Putting your punctuation marks outside of your quotation marks is never appropriate. Plus, readers or writers who know better will tend to roll their eyes when they see mistakes like these.

So there you have it. Those are the punctuation rules that you have to keep in mind when writing content for the web.

Persuading Customers with Customizable Live Chat Programs

parameterThe Internet has made a lot of things more convenient for consumers.  Today, it is possible to get the information, products, and services that you need even without leaving your home.  Businesses have taken advantage of the Internet technology by setting up shop Online.  This has also increased business competition, turning the internet into a bustling marketplace.  Any business that intends to keep their connection with their customers should make use of customizable live chat programs on their websites.

Connecting with your website visitors is the key to conversion.  This means that you need to establish your site, brand, products, and services, as relevant to your visitors.  This is what your content and design should communicate.  Having a live chat program on your website will also give you a chance to interact with your visitors to find out how you can help them with their needs.  Again, you are highlighting your desire to become relevant to your visitors.

globale A chat box or window should be cleverly incorporated into your web design and layout.  The chat services provider should be able to help you in coming up with the most eye-friendly yet attention-grabbing placement for your chat window.  The more important factor about choosing a chat program is the kind of support it can give both for your site visitors and your company.  The customers should find the chat support feature helpful and informative.  The company or business, on the other hand, should experience positive effects in terms of customer satisfaction rating, reputation, and profitability.

There are different live chat programs and software available in the market today.  What you need to find is the one that matches the needs of your business.  If a chat facility is one that will merely serve as a customer complaint portal, perhaps one with automated response mechanisms would be enough.  More aggressive facilities that are intended for sales initiatives as well would require a more extensive support system and manpower.

There are chat programs that can be customized based on your needs.  You can include a routing feature that redirects chat requests in case no chat representatives are available.  You can also “schedule” chat invites using visitor activity as triggers.  You can also outsource your chat services manpower needs if you do not want to maintain your own team or if you are only offering the services for a short period of time.  You simply have to be clear about the deliverables you expect from your service provider.

In customizing your live chat facility, you need to keep convenience in mind.  Do not lose sight of your purpose for offering the chat feature in your website.  The kind of functionalities that you should include in your chat facility should be responsive to the needs of your customers.  You should also be able to measure and analyze the results of having this feature on your website.  This will help you determine whether or not it is indeed wise for you to have it.

Aside from the program or the software, the manpower for your live chat facility is also a key factor.  It is important to understand that the way your chat representatives handle the chat sessions influences customer satisfaction.  The customer needs to feel genuine concern coming from the chat representative.  For customer complaints and concerns, the chat representative should be able to appease the customers and assure them that their issues are being addressed.  Taking the chat sessions further to upsell or cross-sell after addressing the customers’ needs is also a good way to maximize the use of chat facilities.  When chat facilities are customized to fit the needs of the customers and business to a tee, you will be sure to recover your investment several folds over.